Craig Miner

Multi-Instrumentalist, Luthier, Producer

Craig's Story...

The art of making music comes second nature to Craig Miner (guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass, bouzouki). His first instrument was the ukelele because his dad bought one at a garage sale for $1. His dad made it available to the kids to play and Craig took it and climbed up a tree to get away from his "pestering brothers." His figured out the chords on his own. From time to time he would ask his dad how to play a D or a G7 or a Cm chord, etc. He was happy to teach him. But for the most part Craig would just listen to tapes and figure out how to make the sounds that he was hearing. After a few years he borrowed a guitar and continued in the same fashion. He practiced the guitar for about 4 hours a day. His oldest brother started playing the bass in a bluegrass band with some high school buddies. One rehearsal, the guitar player didn't show up. They found out that he was no longer allowed to be in the band because of his grades. So with a gig approaching, Craig's brother Curtis told Craig, "learn all of these songs and come play this show with us." Craig was 11 years old at the time. He rose to the challenge and his professional music career began. He hasn't stopped playing since.